Private Lessons

Are you looking to clean up your technique? Do you want to learn new fancy moves? Do the current classes just not fit into your schedule? Whatever your interest in private lessons, we are here to help you out with your dancing goals.

Private lessons are ca. $40-70/hour (instructors set their own rates) and can take place at the studio, or another agreed upon space where you and the instructor feel comfortable. Please contact us for more information or to arrange a lesson, and include your preferred availability (during the day, evenings, weekends, etc.) so we can make the best possible match.

Instructors available

Amy Yardley

Specialties: Lindy hop, Blues

Max Salman

Specialties: Lindy hop, Blues

Antoine Gerritsen

Specialties: Balboa, Lindy hop, Blues

Connie Walz

Specialties: Lindy hop, Blues

Julie-Anne Desrochers

Specialties: Lindy hop, Charleston, Blues

Jeff Benoit

Specialties: Balboa, Lindy hop, Charleston, Blues


Specialties: Lindy hop, Charleston